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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One more crack for today! News and notes from around the state!

Jays are hopping with new freshmen recruits ready to make an impact!  A couple stories with a h/t to the OWH:

Freshmen hope to be a hit for Jays

A nice piece about Jays' Artino from the OWH:

Jays' Artino shows great versatility

Good article regarding Bo and interaction with the media on media day:

Not what you'd expect

Martinez becoming a leader in the clubhouse:

Martinez grows into leadership role

UNO baseball and softball players named to all-Division II team in Nebraska:

Baseball honors
Softball honors

Interesting bits and pieces:

The new UNO men's soccer team will play one game at UNO soccer field, and one game at the Stormchasers' Werner Park.  Should be interesting to see the configuration for the soccer field, and a fun time at that new sports facility.

The Huskers-Hawkeyes Heroes game should be a blast, and should be a nice tribute, if fans can stop themselves from kvetching enough about it to actually enjoy the game.

Might try and do a count this year to see who can keep a bigger fan base coming to Cent Link this year.  My money is on hockey, but a good year with the Jays may turn that around.

The expansion of Memorial Stadium appears to be coming along nicely.  If only I could actually see that amount of progress in the Haymarket, I'd be especially excited.  Ah well, within 4-5 years, we'll have a newly renovated football facility, a fresh basketball facility, and hopefully, a freshly remodeled volleyball facility.  All in good time.

I'd really like to see UNO develop a relationship with Werner, and see if college baseball could be played during the spring.  I know the one-off of last spring season seemed to be popular.  It'd be nice to have another win-win situation like the one at Haymarket Park.

My take on BTHC and NCHC:  I think in the end, college hockey will be better, offer a better product, and be more competitive with major juniors as a genuine avenue to pursue to the NHL.  I know people have a tough time seeing that, but look at most other major college athletics:  it allows all parties to be competitive in their area.  Ultimately, that allows for a better product.

Hopefully, the Jays can start a championship tradition with soccer.  Can't wait to see the product their new coach puts on the field.  Can't wait until we start to see a cross-town rivalry develop as well, in soccer, and many other sports.

I think that's all my notes for now.  Have a fabulous weekend, and hope to talk to you all soon!  Keep Christ alive in your hearts, and model his actions in your lives, and you'll see amazing results!

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