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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Takes some time

Sometimes it takes time to get settled in to something new.  Like blogging.  :D

Sometimes it takes time to get settled in to a name... 'Heroes Game'.  I like the notation, and like the ring to it.  I also like Legends and Leaders.  Great symbolism from a traditional conference.  This place feels a lot more like home then the Big XII did.

Sometimes it takes time to get over yourself... like those grousing about the name.  Have a little respect for the heroes the game is meant to represent and meant to honor.  Take a moment, get over whatever little grudge you seem to have as a fan, and push past yourself.  Think of others for once.

Sometimes it takes time to get settle into a new league and a new way of doing things... like those who seem intent on vilifying Trev Alberts for every move made at UNO.  I like Alberts' leadership, his dedication, his boldness, and his willingness to put himself out there for what he feels is the good of the school he represents.  All schools should have such an AD.

Sometimes it takes time to get used to change... change from the past of the WCHA and the CCHA to a new world of BTHL and NCHC.  Again, I'm optimistic for the future.  As the fat was trimmed from the UNO athletic department to make way for the new future in Division I, so the fat is trimmed to make way for the power conferences of college hockey.  I'm an optimist by nature, but I think you'll see more college hockey teams when all is said and done, not less.  I haven't seen proof yet that this will be the deathknell for any specific team out there.  You can make all the gloom-and-doom predictions you want, but the future hasn't quite finished unfolding yet.  Give it time.

Sometimes it takes time to get the right tools in place to be or remain competitive... looking at UNL football and UNO hockey, both programs appear, as they make moves to new conferences, ready to take the next step in their sports.  Dueling national championships in the state's largest cities?  That would be incredible.

Sometimes, it take a positive message to override the negative ones.  Look to this page, and I'll bring you the positives from Nebraska Division I sports.  Thanks all, God Bless Nebraska, and God keep our sports teams safe!

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